Landscapes that are different

Landscape Consultation

Landscape Consultation, Broken Arrow, OK There are two types of homeowners during landscaping projects: those who can't wait to get their hands dirty and start planting and those who realize they need professional help. Just as it's not a good idea to build a house from scratch unless you're an experienced architect or builder, property owners in and around Broken Arrow, OK, should hire a qualified designer when it's time to reimagine and upgrade their front and back yards.

Sustainable Landscape Consultation

Holland Landscape Inc. has seen firsthand how drastically different today's landscapes are from just a decade ago. These days, it's all the rage to create a landscape that considers how each plant and property will affect the environment. As a result of the need to conserve water and reduce the number of pollutants in our waterways, we now prefer plants that demand less moisture and little fertilization.

Our staff is always looking for ways to prioritize native plants over their more demanding counterparts. They stay up to date on the status of various invasive species to eliminate them from potential use in landscape designs.

Perhaps you have a clear idea of what you're after. But are you confident in your ability to carry it out? To accomplish this, you should seek the assistance of a landscape designer.

Landscape Consultation Process

Our landscape architects are skilled at creating looks and listening to and understanding their clients' visions. They also possess the necessary technical skills to actualize this vision. Here is a quick overview of how they assist with landscape consultation:

  • The skill of converting a property into an exact base plan that can be used as a springboard for design ideas and the final layout, avoiding many headaches and time loss later.

  • Your landscape designer will be able to point you in the proper direction based on their knowledge of architectural trends and environmental factors.

  • Because of our designers' in-depth understanding of plant biology, ecology, and care requirements, your landscape will look beautiful and flourish for many years.

  • Success in landscaping also depends on using correct planting methods. Our teams will make sure that your gardens are set up correctly from the start.

  • In addition, we enjoy landscaping and have frequent conversations about it. For this reason, we can earn your confidence and become a reliable collaborator in bringing your vision for your home's exterior to life.

The creation of a brand-new outdoor space is a group effort. Because of this, we maintain open communication with you, the client, throughout the entire process, from initial concept and consultation through design and, ultimately, to completion. This is how we ensure that your property receives the landscaping it deserves. We are focused on offering client’s excellent value and that value comes from working closely from the get-go. Since we tailor our services, you get practical and functional outdoor spaces that last long.

For more information on landscape consultation, get in touch with Holland Landscape Inc. via this Online Form, or give us a call at 918-747-8809, and our team will get back to you right away.
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